The employment development prograM (EDP)

The Employment Development Component has been instrumental at putting people to work and diverting them from homelessness, and restoring individuals to self sufficiency.


Our business model uses a 100% volunteer workforce comprised of many individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, and/or branded unemployable, but gain employment or job upgrades becoming self-sufficient.


Many of our 100% volunteer work force come to us because they need food and they receive free groceries every time they volunteer.  But for many of them receiving free groceries, is not the only benefit of their quality decision to serve their fellow needy neighbors.


Benefits include training, work experience, hands on coaching in work readiness, resources and supplies needed to go to work that we supply (transportation, clothing, certifications and documentation), plus assistance in applying, following up and securing employment.


This enables up to 85 people go to work and/or obtain upgrades in current jobs each year.  These individuals have been empowered to reverse the cycle of poverty and become self sufficient contributors to the community.


The volunteers service of these individuals has been instrumental in our ability to divert good wholesome food away from the sanitary landfill to the table of more than 700 families per week.